How to get your attendance certificate.

 Print this page and follow the instructions to download and/or print your 2014 Hotzone Certificate.

Click on the Certification link or go to www.hfdonline.com/moodle/.

  1. Login on the lower left side using 2014 plus the Certificate # on your ID badge, e.g. “20141001”.
  2. Use the following case sensitive password:  hotzone2014 and click Login.
  3. On the lower right side, click on HotZone 2014 Attendance Certificate
  4. Click on Attendance Certificate for 2014 HotZone Conference.
  5. Click on Review Certificate.
  6. Save and/or print your certificate.
  7. Click on Logout in top right of page or close your browser to leave the site.

If you do not know your Certificate # or experience problems, send an email describing the issue to SnellDG@aol.com

NOTE:  You will need to enable cookies and set your permissions to medium in order to get your certificate.  DO FORGET TO RETURN YOUR SETTINGS AS YOU HAD THEM.


HOTZONE Goal – To train local, state and federal responders for safe, coordinated and efficient response to releases of hazardous materials which threaten public health and the environment. HOTZONE Audience– Local fire, police, emergency management personnel, emergency medical services, health care providers, and state and federal response personnel who participate directly in the Incident Command System or in its immediate support at the scene of a hazmat response or terrorist event in Federal Region 6. The HOTZONE Committee is composed of representatives from the local, state, and federal levels of the HAZMAT response community serving Federal Region 6. It is the vision of the HOTZONE Committee to establish an annual training conference in order to continuously improve HAZMAT technical training and promote professional relationships within Region 6 as well as meet the unique needs of this region. To meet the unique needs of this region, this conference focuses on bringing together municipal and industrial fire fighters with HAZMAT responsibilities but also seeks to educate other local, State, and Federal agency personnel who play an integral role in Unified Command at the scene.

This conference is about you, the responder.